Self recovery back to First Grade

This past week I had the privilege to attend John Care training with 19 other engineers/architects at Veeam. The class helped me to learn some things about how to present and whiteboard. Basically trying to help us not to have death by PowerPoint. 🙂

What does this have to do with recovery you ask? Well, considering that you need some form of technology to perform a recovery of some other form of technology, you have most likely had a technical presentation by a Sales Engineer at some point. So I ask you, how was it? What did you remember from it?

So this is where my blog will begin, in a class learning how to recover  people from PowerPoint disasters 🙂

The class was great, and John was knowledgeable in the field with past experience that adds credibility to what he is teaching.

Veeam has such a diverse group of pre-sales talent, I am glad to be a part of such an organization.

Anyway, what did I learn you ask? Well, I did not think I had a safe word. Turns out, I was wrong, right? … So my word is “Right” mostly used at the end of a statement to verify that people were paying attention. Although it is good to make sure people are paying attention, there are better ways to accomplish this. Something I already knew was I have terrible handwriting and cannot draw. Those are 2 things necessary in order to have a successful whiteboard session. Guess what? John has a whole training session on white-boarding, we had just a little bit of it and now I feel I can recover back to first grade when I had clean writing and thought I could draw anything. Well, not exactly but I am more confident in my white-boarding skills.

While on the topic of learning, I have come to learn not to get frustrated with airline delays. As I sit here in the airport baggage claim area waiting for a shuttle, I found that about 30 minutes prior something was found in the parking garage. Just so happens that my flight was 30 minutes delayed getting in. So maybe it was a good thing I was delayed. I mean, I am still stuck in the airport  but it could be a lot worse.

I know, not really about recovery, but this blog will not always be that, just an experienced IT guy with experience in the disaster recovery space, sometimes talking life, sometimes cool technology, but mostly about IT disaster recovery. Hopefully I don’t bore you into needing recovery yourself. 🙂

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