Data Center protection is like racing Motocross

Yes this post is comparing racing motocross with protecting the data center, strange comparison I know, but just follow along on my crazy thought. By the way, yes that is me on the left, racing at Broome Tioga outside of Binghampton, NY many years ago.

So, back when I used to race, there were a handful of us that rode together. We practiced together, helped each other work on our bikes, give each other advice and tips. We all did it for fun, none of us raced for money. We didn’t have sponsors, everything we needed came out of our own money.

Basically we were a small private team (or business for that matter). Some other people in our district had sponsors, and there was prize money for certain classes. I would list these as medium businesses. Then there were the pro teams, these were big business. Factory money, parts, bikes, paid mechanics, and big prize money.

How does this come back to protecting the data center you ask? Well, my small team of friends, a few of us raced the same make and model dirt bike. There were some parts that had a higher probability of breaking and did not cost much to have a spare. An example would be a clutch lever, one crash and it was gone. So parts like that, I would have at least one spare of my own. Other parts like fenders, radiator, exhaust pipe, had a little less chance of breaking but still absolutely necessary for the bike to run. However they were also more expensive, so it did not make sense for each of us to buy them to have just sitting around for a “just in case” moment.

In the two examples, the first would be like important servers or data that could be protected easily with not much cost. The second is like using a cloud based DRaaS and leveraging resources that you may never actually need but want the ability to “just in case” Being able to lower the risk of an outage without having a capital expense is the perfect use case for the cloud.

The factory teams would have extra bikes ready to go as well as all the parts to assemble one if needed. This is similar to having multiple data centers where one can be the backup of the other.

Of course, there were a few times I needed spare parts of my body, but that is all part of life.

Anyway, the key is to remember having backups that you can use when needed is a critical part of anything you are doing. Hope you have enjoyed my crazy thought process and see you next month.

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