So I am a little late with this month’s post, I apologize.

Last week I was able to attend my first ever VMWorld. Seems crazy since I have been in IT for a long time. I have to say it is a large conference with attendees ranging from CIO to helpdesk level, which is a very wide audience.

One of the biggest announcements was the ability to run VMware on AWS. This will allow customers to run and manage VMs in AWS using vCenter, which they are familiar with. You will also be able to vMotion back and forth from on-prem data center to AWS. Along with this announcement was Veeam is already certified to backup these VMs and replication will work back and forth.

There are a number of use cases for this capability, however the price and minimum compute requirement may be a hindrance to the actual use of it. Only time will tell.

Something to consider though is that public cloud is not going away, so if you are an IT professional, you need to get yourself some education on it. Knowing about what is available, how it works, and some use cases for it will only help you no matter where your company stands currently on the use of public cloud.

I also read a blog post talking about Target possibly pulling out of AWS as Amazon continues to go after the retail market share (in response to the purchase of Whole Foods). There was a post a few months back about Walmart possibly asking their distributors to pull out of AWS as well. Although I do not know if this will happen or not, it is another thing to keep in mind. Using proprietary tools to manage/backup/replicate can cause problems if you have to quickly change strategy and move your IT infrastructure.

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