Tape – It is alive and well

So, it has been too long since I posted anything here, and after some prompting I decided to resurrect this blog and give it a go again. I decided that a post about tape would be fitting for dusting something off and showing that it still has life.

People that know me and work alongside me know that I am a fan of tape, so no surprise when I say one of my favorite features added in Veeam 9.5u4 is the Tenant to Tape feature or TaaS (Tape as a Service).

When you look at the reason’s IT administrators want to move off tape, mostly it is for a few reasons

1 – Do not want to spend time/resources switching tapes in and out of a library

2 – Getting tapes offsite and tracking this takes time and resources

3 – Hardware maintenance cost and time

Taking these main reasons into account, tape as a service helps to remove these by putting the administration and maintenance in the responsibility of a service provider.

Just to be clear, I am a fan of a “disk to disk to tape”, or better yet a “flash to flash to tape” backup strategy. This is for fast backups and especially for fast recovery because why backup if you cannot recover. However, tape is still the least expensive long term storage platform and is the best offline protection against ransomware.

OK, now that I have bored you with these details, be on the lookout for the next post where I will show you how to set this up and what it looks like for the tenant and the service provider.


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  1. Excellent resurrection – I look forward to your next post!

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