Tape is Alive and Well part 3

Part 3 will be about restoring from Tenant to tape, this is the best part because why backup if you cannot restore.

Under the Tape Infrastructure tab, there are two options for Restore:

Restore Tenant from Tape

Restore Files from Tape

 Each has different use cases. The first can be for if the Cloud Repository had a failure, to migrate the tenant to a new repository,

Select Restore Tenant from Tape – Add the Level you want to Restore:

After your selection of the object, you will be able to choose the Restore Point:

Select your destination. I like that you have the option for disk to place on removable storage that can be shipped to the tenant for large datasets instead of recovering over the internet:

If you choose a new location, you will be prompted for the tenant, password, quota, and contract like setting up a new tenant. Choosing Overwrite will disable the tenant during the restore process. Choosing Export to Disk will prompt you for the server name and path. After the restore is complete the backup files will be in the location specified as normal Veeam backup files.

Choosing Restore Files from Tape allows you to specify which files you want to restore. These will be Veeam Backup files. You will also be able to select which backup sets if the files exist on more than 1 backup set. Then you can select your destination, which can be original or another path.

Since the Veeam backup files are portable, you could also ship the tapes to the tenant if they have a tape drive, and they can restore the files from the tape onto their own repository and then import them into their Veeam server.

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